“For Our Job, For Our Brand, For All of Us: For More Human”

Human Development Foundation (INGEV) organizes Act*Human Summit in order to raise awareness of Human Development concept in Turkey, to strengthen social inclusion in business life and finally to ensure that current challenges are raised & discussed by the best authorities. The Summit will take place at Swissotel Istanbul on January 25th, 2017. 600+ attendees are expected, including private and public sector representatives & top executives and civil society representatives. It is foreseen that the Summit to be an outlasting “Human Development Festival” in the coming years.

Why should you participate in Act*Human?

Act*Human Summit adopts “For Our Job, For Our Brand, For All of Us: More Human” as its slogan.  

Act*Human aims to provide:

  • Strategic and In-depth insight on Human and Human Development Concepts
  • The Transition that Corporations and Brands Go Through In the Process of Human Development
  • Groundbreaking and Sincere Perspective on “Brand – Human” Relation
  • A Cooperation Platform for Corporation, Brand and NGOs beyond the Conventional “Corporate Social Responsibility”
  • New Investment Trends: Socialization and Correct Measurement of Its Impact

Time for New Words

  • To take “Human Development” concept out of its theoretical frame
  • To find the corresponding of Social Inclusion in daily business life
  • To discuss the missions of companies, public & local administrations and civil Society groups
  • To maximize human brands and human companies