Başak Şengül

Master of Ceremony

After finishing the secondary education in Pertevniyal Lisesi, Başak Şengül completed her undergraduate education in her dream school, İstanbul University Faculty of Communications. Her long run desire to be “the reporter” turned into a clear decision in college years. Şengül decided to go for the best in the industry and follow her passion for reporting, so she started to work as an intern at CNNTürk in 2000, and continued as a correspondent for six years after graduating from college. In 2006, she started to moderate “Gece Görüşü” program for three years, then prepared and presented “Farkında Mısınız?” for six months again in CNNTürk.

In 2009 Şengül worked as an anchorwoman in HaberTürk for a brief period. By September 2009 she was back home in CNNTürk, where she continues with “Bugün” program during the weekdays and follows the agenda in “Akıl Çemberi” on Fridays.

In 2005, Şengül is awarded with Türkiye Gazeteciler Cemiyeti Achievement Award in the category of news for the series “AB Yolunda Zorlu Başlık: Çocuk İşçiler” [Challenging Chapter on the way to EU: Child Workers]. Şengül is an advocate of affirmative action for children and women in the context of news production. Along the political agenda, educational and scientific developments, she closely follows all news that held hope and represent good examples to the future.

Şengül is fluent in English. She is interested in Wing Chun, kickboxing and photography, drawing, occasionally swims when she finds the chance. She loves to travel, explore and experience new tastes; likes to follow travelling and cooking shows.