Murat Şeker

“Human Development Index – Districts / Assoc. Prof. Murat Şeker”

After completing his graduate degree in 2003, in Istanbul University Faculty of Economics, he received his PhD from Florida State University in 2009.

During his time abroad he worked as an assistant in the non-profit, non-partisan research institute Florida TaxWatch. In 2011 he conducted a TUBITAK project called “Happiness Economics” and worked as a visiting scholar in Florida State University. In 2016 he served in Georgia State University as Fulbright Senior Scholar. Şeker took various positions including project manager, consultant, specialist and researcher both in national and international projects, starting with UNDEF, IBP, UN-CFCU, TUBITAK.

Having published nationally and internationally recognized articles, papers and books in economics, finance and multidisciplinary fields, Şeker received the title of associate professor in 2012. Recently he has been focused on projects on quality of life and competition indices at regional, provincial and district level. Şeker continues his research under Istanbul University Faculty of Economics Department of Finance and also serves as a half-time lecturer at Haliç University. His interests include public economy, local governments, project management, quality of life research and happiness economics.